the army going into battle

the army going into battle
bring on the necron

my basilisk being attack

my basilisk being attack

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2nd battle of the year death to chaos

Play my friend last night in 1750 point army i brought my guard with me
company command sqd
infantry plt with 2 weapon sqds
2 veteran sqds
leman russ demolisher
leman russ  punisher
storm trooper

his chaos
1 chaos terminator sorcerer
2 sqds terminator
1 sqd khorne berzerkers with rhinno
1 sqd plague marines
1 sqd of marines with rhinno
havoc sqd

in the end it was a close battle and end in 7-6 in kill points with guard winning thanks to the havoc sqd running of the board last turn.

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