the army going into battle

the army going into battle
bring on the necron

my basilisk being attack

my basilisk being attack

Sunday, June 20, 2010

guard vs chaos round 3

this month i put the 13th richmond agents my friends chaos and parts of my chaos army in 2000 pnts battle in annihilation pitched battle       bring on the chaos

  this could hurt 
 2000 pts
company command sqd
intantry plt
3 weapons sqd
veteran sqd with chimera shock troops
veteran sqd camo kind
leman russ demolisher
leman russ punisher
basilisk x2
storm troopers
1000 pts
chaos lord mark of khorne
9 khorne berzerkers sqdx2
havocs nurgle1000pts
daemon prince with mark khorne
8 plague marines
5 chosen with mark nurgle
 10 chaos space marines with mark nurgle rhino
10 lesser deamons

first turn saw vindicator taken out alone with some havoc, plague marines, chosen and khorne.
with little in turn and khorne charging up the middle.
turn 2 saw the storm troopers come in with both sqds of khorne were hit hard leaving 2l alive and the khorne lord dead and the chosen running off the bored.

turn 3 got better for chaos with the summing deamons and defiler entering the battle. defiler killed one of the basilisk and the summing deamons and what was left of the khorne killing an infantry sqd and one of the vet sqd.

turn 4 brought the infantry command sqd dead the basilisk laying out the deamons with one left and defiler brought down by heavy weapons sqd. the deamon prince came into play and plague marines start to push forward while the other vet sqd with cheamre picking a few off.

turn 5 brought  the death of plague marines by the basilisk storm trooper being killed by chaos marines and the last deamon killed off by what is left of a weapons sqd just to be killed by the last khorne. the demilosher
main gun is destorey and no longer being able to move.

turn 6 fine the last khorne memeber being killed and the deamon prince killed and the demilosher finaly being killed by what is left of the chaos marines.

guard 9 chaos 7 kills pts.